Garage Door Stuck? 7 Common Reasons Your Garage Door Gets Jammed

garage door stuck

Garage doors are autonomous machines that run off a fine-tuned mechanism. This means that almost anything and everything can affect its function- from dust, dirt, insects, cold weather, and yes, human error! 

While there are often simple fixes to common garage door issues, it’s not always wise to do it yourself- especially when it comes to garage door springs.

If you find yourself asking ”why is my garage door stuck?”, here are 7 simple reasons… 

7 Simple Fixes to Why Is My Garage Door Stuck?

Some of these issues are simple enough to fix yourself, but if you have issues with garage door torsion springs or tracks, always call a professional. 

1. An Obstructed Photo Eye Sensor 

Garage doors manufactured over the past 2 decades are fitted with a photo eye sensor which controls the function of the door. It’s usually located 4-6 inches off the ground, while the photo-eye itself is only the size of a pea. 

The photo eye sensor shoots a laser across the surface of your garage floor which is sensitive to objects in its path. If this sensor is obstructed, it will cut off all functionality of the door. 

Look for common obstructions such as dust, insects, or a damaged photo eye cord. 

2. A Disrupted Power Source 

In the case of a severe storm, you may have quickly unplugged your garage door power source and totally forgotten about it. Perhaps this sounds too simple, but it happens often! 

Otherwise, make sure to check that the power outlet hasn’t blown and remember to check that your circuit breaker and fuse is still in working order. 

3. Damaged or Broken Torsion Springs 

When a garage door torsion spring breaks, you’ll know all about it! It’s usually characterized by loud snapping sound, which sounds something like a gunshot. 

The reality is that garage door springs are only meant to last a certain number of cycles. After this, they become worn down and are likely to snap. In fact, broken springs are one of the most common reasons behind a jammed garage door.

In this case, you should never attempt to lift your door or replace the springs yourself. This type of repair should be left to the professionals… 

4. Garage Door Sensitivity Is Out of Sync

This is more likely to happen with newer garage doors than older ones. Sometimes the sensitivity of your garage door speed is set too low or high, causing the door to jam. 

Just make sure to re-read the manufacturer’s instructions and reset the sensitivity. Also, you could try readjusting the close force and limit switch levels. 

5. A Faulty Remote Control 

Yep, something this simple is often overlooked when it comes to a jammed garage door that just won’t open! Simply take a look at your remote control and ensure you’re in adequate range or the batteries don’t need to be replaced. 

Otherwise, check that the antenna on the garage door motor isn’t damaged or obstructed in some way. 

6. It’s Gone Off the Rails 

If your garage door has gone off its tracks, it certainly will not work. And you’ll know this by a grinding, bumping or screeching sound as you try to open the door. 

Check the track for bends, unseen obstacles or gaps which may be causing the door to run off its rails. Otherwise, a section of the track may be misaligned. 

Once again, try to avoid fixing this yourself and call in the professionals for assistance! 

7. An Unseen Obstacle Blocking Automatic Reverse

The automatic reverse function on your garage door is in place for the safety of your family. But if anything comes into contact with this function, it could stop your door working altogether. 

If the garage door closes only halfway, then suddenly bounces back up, there could be something obstructing the reverse function. Check your garage door tracks for debris, dust, insects or trash. 

Get Your Garage Door Springs Replaced 

At Affordable Garage Door Repair, we are your local experts for all things garage door repair or replacement! 

So the next time you find yourself asking ”why is my garage door stuck?” we are your professional go-to for all the assistance you need. 

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