Leave It to the Pros! 5 Reasons to Avoid Installing a Garage Door Yourself

installing a garage door

Listen up, DIYers! Installing a garage door might not be safe for amateurs — even if you’ve done advanced home renovation projects.

In a recent 15 year span, there have been more than 60 deaths and 49 injuries as a result of garage door malfunctions. And there have already been several recalls of garage door openers and garage doors this year alone.

If your garage door is on the fritz, resist the temptation to try and fix it alone! And for new garage door installations, take the safest route and call a professional. 

We’ve got five reasons to avoid installing a garage door track yourself, and hope you’ll think about them next time you’ve got to decide between going your own way and professional door installation.

1. Avoid Injuries

Garage doors almost always involve a dangerous spring-loaded mechanism, and it’s hard for anyone who hasn’t been properly trained to install or repair it correctly.

We know you’re good at sprucing and building, but trust us — you can really hurt yourself installing a garage door.

2. Cheaper in the Long Run

It’s often cheaper, in the long run, to have a professional install or repair your garage door. Too many times, we’ve seen people confidently set up a DIY garage door, just to have it break soon after.

Save yourself time and money by getting a professional door installation. You’re bound to have less wear and tear if your garage door starts out on the right track. (Get it?!)

3. Maintain Your Warranty

Lots of brand new garage doors come with a manufacturer warranty. This shields you against faulty equipment. It also ensures that you can get a replacement part in a certain time frame, free of charge.

There’s just one catch, though: If you’re going to have a parts warranty on your new spring-loaded beauty, you’ll have to have a professional installing your garage door. 

And there is a good reason for this. Installing a garage door is hard! Leave it to the pros.

4. No Wrong Equipment

Many well-meaning homeowners try to oil their garage door components or put their garage door back on track after its come loose. We applaud your efforts to want to fix your own home, but you might not have the right tools or equipment for a specialty repair or installation like a garage door.

Many DIYers remove the spring the wrong way, and more than once we’ve seen a flying metal spring knock a person off a ladder and send them flying.

Other times, homeowners can damage the bottom brackets, as they don’t have the springs and cables correctly aligned. Err on the side of caution, and call a professional today!

5. Counterbalancing

We’re not saying you don’t know how to properly counterbalance a garage door during install so it’s safe for your family to use, but we would be surprised if you did! 

An uncanny amount of specialized knowledge goes into safely balancing the weights and pressures on a garage door so that the door doesn’t fall down on you, your car, or your family. 

Installing a Garage Door Now!

Installing a garage door doesn’t have to be a chore, and it doesn’t have to cost a pretty penny, either! When you choose to work with us, we’ll make you an economical offer for expert service. Contact us today for your professional door installation!

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