The 3 Most Common Garage Door Problems

garage door troubleshooting

One of the worst nightmares that you can ever experience as a homeowner is a dysfunctional garage door. It’s just when you’re about to rush out the door – boom! Your garage door decides it no longer wants to doesn’t work.

There’s no need to worry though. Garage door troubleshooting doesn’t have to catch you off guard. Here are the 3 most common garage door problem you might want to look out for.

Common Garage Door Troubleshooting

Whether your automatic garage door won’t open or refuses to stay closed, we wanted to give you guys the head’s up before it happened.

Here are the 3 most common garage door problems.

The Remote/Wall Switch Won’t Open It

One of the most common garage door troubleshooting issues homeowners encounter is dysfunctional remote and/or wall switch. Check your remote batteries to make sure they still have juice. In addition, double check the wall switch and make sure it’s still plugged in.

Homeowners are also encouraged to check their circuit breaker. Sometimes these fuse breakers suddenly give out, leaving rooms like your garage without power.

The Garage Door Doesn’t Close All The Way

The garage door troubleshooting issue that can put your home security’s at risk is a garage door that won’t close all the way.

There can be several causes to this but the main ones include:

Adjust the close limit switch

Did you know that your garage door has a monitor that limits the number of times you open and close your garage door?

Simply resetting it can fix the functionality.

Adjusting the safety sensors

Sometimes garage doors won’t close because there are blockages near the sensors. Be sure that nothing is blocking the sightline and that the brackets are in alignment.

Broken Rollers

Rusted and/or broken rollers can definitely lead to major garage door troubleshooting. Your best bet? Replacing and/or lubricating the current rollers.

Reversing Garage Doors

The last on our list? Reversing garage doors. This can be one of the most frustrating issues you’ll deal with because finding the source of the issue can be so difficult.

Here are some things you want to consider:

Adjust the close-limit adjustment screw

This is usually found on the door opener. Simply adjusting it in small increments might help solve this issue. But you might want to contact an experienced technician if you are unfamiliar.

Up-limit might need to be moved

This specific switch is located on the end of the track near the motor. When this switch is too far, it will prevent the motor from working the way it’s supposed to.

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