The Ultimate Guide to Garage Maintenance

garage maintenance

Before long, the DIY market will expand to become worth $14 billion a year. People are starting to take on more complex projects and the many DIY channels are offering step-by-step instructions to help. Many families improve their storage capabilities by doing some simple garage maintenance.

Most homebuyers use the interior of a garage to help determine whether or not they want to buy a home. Whether you’re looking to sell or looking to freshen up your old garage, a little work can go a long way. Anything from a paint job to a new storage rack could help you to organize and clean your cluttered garage.

If you want to know the most important things for good garage maintenance, we’ve got it down to a few ultimate tips. Here are the top 4 things you need to do in your garage this season.

1. Rotate Storage

Every season, or at least every other season, you should be rotating your storage. Many people keep their summer clothes, toys, and recreational equipment in the garage over the summer and rotate with the winter items in opposing seasons. The more often you rotate your storage, the less likely you’ll have problems.

Paint cans, liquids, and cleaning supplies could start to leak. Catching it sooner than later will allow you to minimize the damage. If mold starts to grow on your clothing, you can wash it out when it starts, before it gets worse.

2. Check the Roof

A leaking roof could be a slowly creeping disaster. If your roof begins to leak, it could start to introduce mold into the structure of your garage and cause the roof to collapse.

The damage to your car or any injuries could be devastating. Make sure you check your garage’s roof as often as you check the roof of your home.

3. Garage Door Maintenance

Make sure that your door seals tightly. Any draft space could introduce critters, water during a storm, or drafts that could cause your heating and cooling bills to rise.

Weather stripping can be easily added to the edges of every entrance and exit and could save you thousands.

Broken cables or tracks should be repaired by professionals as you can exacerbate damage with a bad repair.

4. Seal Entry Holes

Garages are a perfect place for rodents and pests to start infiltrating your home.

Make sure that you run along the edges and reseal and holes that you find. Check the area outside of your garage, as well.

Adding some rough gravel will make it harder for creatures of all kinds to get in.

Garage Maintenance Adds Value to Your Home

If you’re ever interested in refinancing, selling, or renting out your home, a well-maintained garage can bump the value up.

And if you’re just using it as a messy place for storage, you won’t be able to take full advantage of its value.

If you want more tips on maintaining your garage or repairing a garage door, check out our guide to understanding different repairs.

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