What to Do If The Garage Door Jammed with Your Car Inside

garage door stuck closed

Over 76% of Americans drive to work every day. 

We’re so reliant on our cars, going without them for even a day can be impossible. So what happens if your garage door is stuck closed with your car trapped inside?

Don’t panic! 

Keep reading to learn what you should do if you can’t open your garage door. 

1. Turn off Your Car 

First thing’s first, if you’re stuck inside the garage with your car, make sure the car isn’t running. Cars emit carbon monoxide, and this colorless and scentless gas can build up fast in enclosed areas. 

Carbon monoxide can be dangerous and, Sometimes, even deadly. So always put your safety first. 

Turn off your car or open a window or side door. If you can’t turn off your car or get out of your garage, call for emergency help. 

2. Change the Batteries in Your Garage Opener 

Before you panic about your stuck garage door, try changing the batteries in your garage door opener. This might seem like an obvious fix, but it’s easy to overlook. 

Next, try the wall-mounted switch. If that doesn’t work, double-check the opener is plugged in and getting electricity. You can also check your breaker box to make sure the power wasn’t accidentally turned off. 

If that still doesn’t work, you must try opening the door by hand. 

3. Try Opening it Manually 

Look for the emergency release pull cord—it’s usually a bright red color. This cord will release the automatic lift system. After this, you should be able to open the garage door manually. 

This will usually fix the problem. 

However, sometimes, the garage door will fall off its track. If this happens, you might not slide it open, even in manual mode. 

You should never try to put the garage door back on its track by yourself. This can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. You might accidentally make the problem worse or hurt yourself. 

4. Call a Professional 

If you can’t open your garage door electronically or manually, it’s time to call a professional garage repair company. They’ll be able to solve the problem quickly and efficiently. 

Again, never attempt to repair your stuck garage door on your own. 

There are many components of your garage door, such as the springs, that can seriously hurt you and send you to the hospital. In some cases, accidents with DIY garage door fixes can be deadly. 

It’s easier, faster, and safer to get in touch with a professional instead. So pick up the phone and make the call. 

What to Do If Your Garage Door Is Stuck Closed with Your Car Inside 

It’s important to remember to stay calm if your garage door is stuck closed with your car inside. Try opening it on your own by changing the batteries in your garage door opener or sliding the door open manually. If that doesn’t work, call a professional right away. 

Not sure who to call?

We can help! Make sure you click here to get in touch with us today! 

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