Why You Need a Professional for Your Garage Door Spring Repair

garage door spring repair

A broken garage door is a problem no matter what. In the case of a broken spring, it could be dangerous, too.

A professional repair service can fix a broken or misaligned spring quickly, correctly, and efficiently, but those aren’t the only reasons to outsource the job.

Here’s why you should turn to a professional for your garage door spring repair.

Why You Need Professional Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage door springs are one of the most common components to break in your system. And, since you won’t be able to get in or out of your garage until it’s fixed, a broken spring can disrupt your schedule.

If you’re looking at a broken spring, it’s time to call in a professional to fix it. Here’s why.

Garage Door Springs Are Under Serious Pressure

Your garage door springs provide the counterbalance necessary to open your heavy garage door. As you might imagine, these springs are under a lot of pressure.

If you try to tighten, loosen, or replace a spring yourself, you could face serious injuries if something goes wrong. Some of the dangers include:

  • Loose clothing or even fingers could be pinched in the spring
  • The bar you use to adjust the spring could come loose and become airborne

A professional garage door repair service can adjust or replace your spring safely.

The Garage Door Itself Could Become Dangerous

The dangers of garage doors have been known for years. In fact, the federal government imposes safety regulations on manufacturers to try to protect the public from injuries.

Even with the latest safety protections, a broken spring can make your garage door dangerous in no time.

If the spring snaps, it can cause the garage door it to fall suddenly downward or even out of its tracks. That means anything under the door is in danger. If it falls out of track, you could even find your vehicle sandwiched under a fallen door.

If you try repairing a spring yourself, you could cause the same catastrophe to occur.

The door can also move in the opposite direction. In a 2004 accident, a maintenance employee was killed when an industrial door sprung upwards, knocking him off a lift and sending him toward a 15-foot fall.

A professional can repair your spring safely, making sure your door remains where it should be.

Your Garage Door Spring Needs Specific Tension to Work

In order to open and close smoothly, your spring needs to be set to a specific tension level. That level varies depending on your garage door. A professional can install the spring with the right amount of pressure so your garage door operates correctly and safely.

If your spring isn’t set at the right pressure level, you could notice several problems:

  • Your door may be hard to open or close
  • It could open or close too fast
  • It may not open fully
  • It could close unevenly, leaving a gap at the bottom

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